1, For extra body, wait until hair is completely dry, then take small sections and spray directly at the roots with a firm-hold hairspray and dry again, lifting the hair away from the direction it would naturally fall.

2, Make the best of what you have, rather than damaging your hair trying to turn it into something it isn't. Healthy, shiny, well-conditioned hair - whether it's curly, straight, long or short - is what you should be aiming for. Try and keep it natural.

 3, Before going on holiday, take a supplement like vitamin B complex to improve the condition of your hair and prepare it for the sun. Also, try to eat protein-rich food, like chicken and nuts, to feed the natural protein in your hair.

4, Never brush curly hair while you're drying it - this will only lead to serious frizz and zero shine.

5, Warm styling product in your hands before distributing evenly through hair - it will work better and more efficiently.

6, If you don't have time to wash your hair, rub a small amount of talcum powder into the roots to soak up the grease, dry shampoo on the cheap!

7, Ask your hairdresser for a blow-dry lesson. You need to know which brush and which products to use, note the direction that the handryer is pointing its all about control.

8, Alternate your shampoos - if you have coloured and fine hair, use a shampoo for coloured hair one day, then use one for fine hair the next day to get the best of both formulas, usually one shampoo is sufficient.

9 Use a daily conditioner on coloured hair. Choose a protein-based one if your hair lacks oomph. To make it softer, use a moisture-based conditioner.

10 Never blow-dry soaking wet hair - let it dry naturally or waft dry with your dryer for speed until it's about 70% dry, (apply stying products at this time if you apply when the hair is wet through you will lock the water in and increase the drying time as well as dilute you product) hair only takes shape from this point on wards; if your hair is curly, let it dry naturally until it's about 90% dry.  Always let your hair cool naturally after styling or using straighteners, tongs etc, it will stay in much longer. Try it it really works!

Regards Carl