There are a LOT of products out on the market at the moment, but our all time favourites are Matrix's new summer range!

I've picked a few out that stand out from the rest below:

Matrix Miracle Creator
This spray is amazing! it has 20 benefits in one spray, those being:
a leave in nourishment
boosts shine
smoothes the cuticle
helps prevent breakage when brushing
adds moisture
helps prevent heat damage
helps fight frizz
helps even out porosity
helps soften
controls fly aways
minimises damage
conditions lightly
helps improve the appearence of split ends
helps soften
reduces dryness
makes blowdrying process easier
helps correct roughness
primes hair for styling
To have all this in one product is perfect, you are saving money whilst looking after your hair!

Airy Builder Dry Texture Foam
Can be used on wet hair to add body and it can also be used on dry hair to build maximum texture into the hair to create a toussled look, which is the 'in' style this summer!

Mineral Mess Maker
This is a salt infused spray which is great to give yourself the beachy look. Just spray onto damp hair and scrunch, twist and toussle for the messy surfer babe look!

We currently have each of these products in stock in salon at the moment, so call in and have a nosey at our prouct selection!

The 'in' trend this summer is proving to be the long bob, or the "Fearne Cotton bob".

Going from long locks to a collar bone length bob is a brave but smart move this season, and everyone is going for it!
Celebrities such as Fearne Cotton, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian all went for the chop recently!

Both styles can be worn straight or wavy, so you can still have it looking different! Whether you are going for the sleek sophisticated look, or the beachy boho look this style will work both ways!

rosie howe - stylist
A lot of people are still styling their hair without using any products on it.
Some people have the perception that if you use products it will instantly make your hair greasy, which is far from correct. Some people aren't 100% sure how to use them properly which can result in the product not working to its full ability.

Here is a small list of some examples of what products you can use and what you will acheive using them.

Mousse : Adds body volume and slight hold.

Hair oil : Can be used on wet or dry hair. Use on wet for moisturising, and on dry for smoothing down the cuticle.

Wax : Adds texture and hold. Some waxes give a gritty matte look, others can give a sleek shiny look.

Heat protection spray : Used on wet hair to protect from hair dryer heat, used on dry hair for protection from straighteners/curling tongs etc.

Serum : Used after blowdrying to give the hair a polished smooth look.

Leave in treatment spray: used on wet hair to add extra conditioning that doesnt need rinsing out to ensure your hair holds all the moisture it needs.

We stock each of these in salon, so why not give it a go?!
Rosie howe - stylist
When your going on holiday, a big probem we have is our luggage weighing more than the allowed rate.
One thing that can be an issue is our hair tools (which we can't go without of course!) such as hair dryer and straighteners. Usually travel sized appliances dont seem to be as hot or powerfull but we have finally found a solution!
The Alfa Italia Viaggo range. This includes a pair of mini straighteners, a mini (but very powerfull!) hairdryer, a nozzle and a diffuser!
As a set this barely weighs anything at a small weight of 562grams!

We currently have some of these sets available in salon at £24.95 (RRP £39.95)

Rosie howe - stylist