So you are in a rush before work, and you are having a bad hair day. No time on a morning to wash blow dry and style your hair. I have been looking on the internet for some tutorials on quick and easy hairstyles, for you as clients to do yourself at home.
I have picked my favourite few and wanted to share them with you all..


This one is heatless hairstyles. If your hair is feeling dry and tired and you are trying to lay off the heat these hairstyles would be ideal for you.


This tutorial is easy hairstyles for school. If your running late for school and dont know what to do with your hair in a hurry, this tutorial is perfect for you.


If you have shorter hair and feel like it looks the same everyday and you cant think of something different to do, here is a tutorial which shows you some quick and easy tips to create a different look.


And lastly this video is for general everyday fast and simple hair ups helping you find the right style for your hair.
Rosie howe - stylist
The summer time is coming and holiday season is approaching!
Our hair is important to us which is why we need to take care of it whilst soaking up the rays!
Think about your skin when you are on holiday, when your in the sun for too long with no sun protection/cream, your skin burns and feels sore. Now imagine the impact it has on your hair. The UV rays can be really damaging to the hair without protective products, which can lead to burning and breakage as the sun breaks down the protein in the hair.
To keep your hair looking and feeling healthy whilst catching a tan here are some tips!!

- When you have got out of the pool and start relaxing on your sunlounger, try soaking your hair in a deep conditioner and clip it up. Rinse out when you have finished sunbathing. This keeps the moisture in your hair and keeps damage at a minimum.

-Wear a hat, tie up your hair in a bun or braids. The ends of your hair are the oldest parts of your hair as your roots are the newest, so obviously the older hair is the hair thats taken more stick over the years, from straightening, drying colouring etc. So the best way to protect is to tuck it away in a neat little bun or plait, or even better a hat!

Products i would reccomend to use on holiday would be..
Matrix Biolage Hydrasource colour mask, use this to sit around in the sun just leave on and let it soak in. Rinse off before styling.
Matrix Biolage KeratinDose shampoo and conditioner, this will keep the protein/keratin in your hair as much as possible, that the sun will break down. You can also pair this product with the KeratinDose Renewal spray, just spray onto the hair and dry in, this works as a leave in treatment leaving the hair silky soft and shiny whilst you soak up the sun!