A hair stylists worst night mare is when a client sits in the chair with dark coloured hair and says the words "i want to be blonde... TODAY"

It is pretty much impossible to take hair that has been coloured dark to blonde in one sitting. The hair has to go through a process of lightening before you get the desired blonde.
Below is a basic idea on the stages your hair needs to go through, when starting with dark hair.

You also need to take into consideration the damage bleach will cause your hair if you rush this process, which is another main reason why we would never do this in one sitting.

So if you have dark coloured hair (especially box colour) and you have put colour on top of colour for a long period of time, and want to go blonde.. do the sensible thing and persivere! You will get there with time and patience and have lovely healthy blonde locks at the end of the process! :)

rosie howe - stylist