A lot of people are still styling their hair without using any products on it.
Some people have the perception that if you use products it will instantly make your hair greasy, which is far from correct. Some people aren't 100% sure how to use them properly which can result in the product not working to its full ability.

Here is a small list of some examples of what products you can use and what you will acheive using them.

Mousse : Adds body volume and slight hold.

Hair oil : Can be used on wet or dry hair. Use on wet for moisturising, and on dry for smoothing down the cuticle.

Wax : Adds texture and hold. Some waxes give a gritty matte look, others can give a sleek shiny look.

Heat protection spray : Used on wet hair to protect from hair dryer heat, used on dry hair for protection from straighteners/curling tongs etc.

Serum : Used after blowdrying to give the hair a polished smooth look.

Leave in treatment spray: used on wet hair to add extra conditioning that doesnt need rinsing out to ensure your hair holds all the moisture it needs.

We stock each of these in salon, so why not give it a go?!
Rosie howe - stylist